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Career Fitness Profiler
Certification Training

Certification Training

To interpret the Career Fitness Profiler (CFP), a three-day training is provided

After the training you:

  • Have insight into new careers compared to more traditional careers
  • Have insight into the challenges for a contemporary talent management approach
  • Have insight into the underlying scientific models of the CFP
  • Can interpret the different CFP reports
  • Can enter into a dialogue with the respondent based on the CFP reports
  • Can link development and coaching approaches for broad career problems
  • Understand how you can apply the CFP in daily practice


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Design and Content of the in-house classroom training

Day 1

- Changing career context

- Traditional versus contemporary career

- Subjective career success:
theory + exercises

- Career attitudes:
theory + exercises

- Energy-stress balance: theory + exercises

Day 2

- Exercises on interpretation  

- Validity and reliability

- Exercises on feedback

- How to use the Career Fitness Profiler in daily practice? 

- The participants receive 2 credits to practice

Day 3

- To be filled in based on the questions of the participants

- A member of the product development team is also present on this day. So there are two trainers.

- Participants take a certification test. Successful participants receive a certificate from "TalentLogiQs licensed by UAntwerp".

Open & Online Design

The same content is addressed in a blended learning approach, consisting of access to a learning management system and 8 online group sessions, over a period of two months.

Session 1: Kick off

Session 2: Context & Instrument

Session 3: Career Values

Session 4: Career Attitudes

Session 5: Psychological Capital

Session 6: Integration & Feedback

Session 7: Predictability & Validity

Session 8: Certification



For whom?

  • (Career) coaches
  • Outplacement supervisors
  • HR - specialists
  • Recruiters
  • Assessors


Available languages: Dutch, French, English

Participants receive syllabi and manual in their own language.

It is possible to receive a subsidy via KMO Portefeuille.

Price for an open online blended training: 1850€ per person excl. VAT

Please contact us for tariffs concerning an in-house training.

Due to COVID-19, dates for a live session have not been fixed.

The online sessions will start March 7th 2022. Please contact us for more information and the concrete planning.




 Caroline Thomas
Career Advisor|Facilitator|Coach
Talent Expression

The Career Fitness Profiler provides my individual coaching clients with a clear picture of where they are right now and it helps them to define concrete steps towards a more fulfilling career.

Inge Rijcken
Career coach & Outplacement consultant

With plenty of background information and opportunity to practice, the Career Fitness Profiler certification training prepared me to successfully use the Career Fitness Profiler in my individual coaching and careercoaching programs.

Sarah Tijskens
HR business partner 

The certification training does not only reveal the solid scientific background to the Career Fitness Profiler, it also presents an inspiring vision on contemporary careers and Talent Management.

Katrien Nuyts
Faculty - Instructional Practitioner

In my coaching practice, the Career Fitness Profiler allows the coachee to get to the core of his career problems. The report is visually very strong, which contributes to the coachee taking action.

Erwin Jacquemyns
Consultant Human Capital Management
Add Value

The blended learning solution for the Career Fitness Profiler certification training was an efficient way to organize my learning process. The interactive sessions with the other participants were focussed on practice, which made the exchange a very rewarding one.

Sabine Mattheessens
Managing Partner

The blended learning solution for the Career Fitness Profiler certification training allowed me to organize my learning process in a flexible way. The learning platform was structured and the theoretical frameworks were introduced in a comprehensive way. Quite a positive experience!

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