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Partnership with SD Worx Career Solutions

20 January 2023, by Lesley Vanleke
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SD Worx Career Solutions and TalentLogiQs combine forces to offer evidence-based career services

In a labour market facing unprecedented pressures on organizations to retain, engage and develop in-house talent, an aligned talent-, career- and L&D offering is the N°1 driver of talent performance.

Most employers are therefore leaping forward to upgrade their talent processes, capabilities, and decision support. Career coaching and personalized development advice are some of the most powerful weapons in HR’s arsenal to drive engagement and retention.

Career services can provide resources such as career counselling, resume writing, job search assistance, interviewing tips and professional networking opportunities. These help employees stay engaged in their current roles while also preparing them for future career growth. Additionally, by offering these types of support, organizations show a commitment to helping their employees build successful careers. This often results in higher levels of job satisfaction and loyalty.

How dedicated expert tools enrich the career services offering

The combination of career services, evidence-based testing and HR technology can provide even greater value for employee retention and development. This type of approach allows organizations to gain insight into employee skillsets and job preferences. These in turn can be used to create customized career paths for each individual. It also provides a more accurate assessment of how well current employees are performing in their roles and how they may fit into future positions within the company. Additionally, by utilizing these tools, employers can make data-driven decisions. These may entail promotions or other personnel changes while still taking into account each employee’s unique talents and goals.

Ambitions of the partnership

SD Worx Career Solutions, already a user of TalentLogiQs Career Intelligence since 2020, will continue to integrate TalentLogiQs intelligence into its offering, broadening its offering in Talent Management. As such, evidence-based data will support interventions for development, well-being, retention and succession.

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About the author

Lesley Vanleke
Lesley Vanleke

Lesley Vanleke holds over 20 years of experience in HR. In 2014 she co-founded TalentLogiQS, where she searches to understand all different aspects of customers’ challenges and needs. She strives to be a sounding board and bring about connections that deliver added value for all parties concerned.