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How to achieve personal career success

18 April 2015, by Lesley Vanleke
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In this blog, I want to focus on the concept of ‘personal career success’ or why personal career success beats objective career success every time.

In my job, I have a lot of discussions with people about their careers. I noticed how difficult it can be for some people to truly capture their career purpose. In my experience, it is a tough nut to crack and it does not get any easier for people who are employed in organizations with a strong brand and reputation, I had a number of employees in such companies tested with the Career Fitness Profiler and found that they had a hard time defining their own personal career goals, as well as a high need for recognition, (either financial or psychological). Furthermore, they seemed to be focused on remaining a member of that particular organization because of the status and stability it gave them.

Imagine what this perspective on the career will lead to in the long run. How can you build a satisfying career when you are:

  • dependent on external factors for recognition, 
  • have no idea on what you want to achieve personally and thus only work towards KPI’s that have been given to you by your employer,
  • worry more about how others perceive your career success than how you experience your career yourself?

I think objective career success (= success as it is perceived by others, based on your title, number of people you lead, the size of your company car or other external visible signs of success) has dominated our thinking about careers long enough. We all have to work for a long time and we may as well have a true connection with what we do for a living. Personal career success is about what makes you get up every morning to go to work and what truly motivates you. I think you’d better look for what holds intrinsic motivation to you and build your career around these foundational values.

Here are some tips I want to share with you on how to do just that:

  • Figure out what personal career success looks like for you. If you have trouble doing this, we can help you. We have scientifically identified 12 career values that determine personal career success.
  • Find out to what extent you are confusing personal career success with objective career success. Are you going for what you really want or are you running after someone else’s carrot?
  • Be at the wheel of your career. Knowing what motivates you is a good step towards self-management in your career. 

Building your career based on personal career success is gratifying beyond other kinds of success at any time!

Contact us if you want to find out about the Career Fitness Profiler for individual career development.


About the author

Lesley Vanleke

Lesley Vanleke holds over 20 years of experience in HR. In 2014 she co-founded TalentLogiQS, where she searches to understand all different aspects of customers’ challenges and needs. She strives to be a sounding board and bring about connections that deliver added value for all parties concerned.