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TalentLogiQs is your go-to partner for evidence-based tools and solutions to give your clients the best possible service

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Every day, you are out to make a difference for your clients. TalentLogiQs is the partner you need for innovative and evidence-based talent intelligence solutions for measurable impact.


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We add evidence-based forecasting to your talent lifecycle management, to align strategic business goals and employees’ personal ambitions.

Increase talent retention and enhance career ownership through constructive career dialogue.

Our tools and academy deliver the career intelligence you need to anticipate talent risks, realize potential and create motivational flow for your clients' organizations and their employees.

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Real impact, with evidence-based guidance

Our tools are backed up by the latest scientific research. Our tools guarantee high predictive validity, so you can make people decisions with a real impact.

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Talent management 4.0: an individualized perspective

Employees have become the captains of their own careers. Taking their perspectives into account in your talent management approach will earn your organization long-term relationships with its employees.

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Future-oriented to focus on development

Workforce agility is key to adaptability. And employee development is central to this. Our tools offer far more than a diagnosis: they show you how to make development happen.


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Want to stand out from the competition? Win your clients over with evidence-based and innovative approaches. TalentLogiQs offers tools and solutions that seamlessly integrate with your services, to create a measurable impact for your clients.

Matching & onboarding

Gain insight into the motivation, risks and potential that comes with every candidate. Ensure the right fit between candidates and their environment, and align career expectations. Make sure you are on the same page from the very start.

Career coaching & outplacement

Careers have become dynamic, unpredictable and unique. Your coachees should be at the helm of their own careers. Whether reorientation within or outside the organization is pro-active or reactive, TalentLogiqs provides the keys for fundamental career reflection and action planning on behalf of the coachee.

Talent Management & development

Promote every employee's professional development, from high-potential individuals to those in groups at risk. Improve the quality of career discussions between managers and employees and put both of them in their roles for greater career self-management.

Mobility, employability & workforce agility

Develop the agility of your clients' organizations by helping employees safeguard their own employability. Support managers with simple yet impactful tools to build mobility and agility.


Get a grip on energy risks and prevent disengagement, presenteeism and long-term absences. Help employees reintegrate after long periods of absence. TalentLogiQs provides a clear overview of risks and clear-cut advice on how to take action.

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