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Talent Fit at Janssen Pharmaceutical

Case study
23 September 2016, by Hilde Willems
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At Janssen Pharmaceutical, we have a strong tradition in people-oriented HR. In the tradition of our founder Dr. Janssen, people and their creativity have been at the heart of our success. That is why we have set up the Talent Fit center within Janssen.

Over the years, the people challenges we face at Janssen have changed. Our industry is subject to constant change, with increasing customer demands and the need for flexibility, collaboration, and innovation. With an increasing retirement age, multiple generations are at work within the company. All have different needs and expectations. Part of the challenge is to stay an attractive employer.

We have noticed that we way we think about careers at Janssen has changed over time. The traditional career model with its lifelong employment is slowly making way for a more dynamic and unpredictable outlook on the career. As a result, Janssen has started crafting a more contemporary talent culture, allowing for sustainable careers. We approach careers from a talent perspective and put a strong emphasis on well-being and employability. At Janssen Pharmaceutical, we are convinced that self-management in the career becomes vital for every employee in our company.

In 2013, following a Future Search – a three-day multi-stakeholder workshop -we’ve created the Talent Fit Center, a cell within the business, which is dedicated to facilitating careers within Janssen. Talent fit offers all sorts of programs related to the topic of careers: workshops, classroom training, online modules, serious games, career coaching, the possibility to fill out questionnaires, …

TalentLogiQs has been a valuable partner for the Talent Fit Center. We appreciate the scientific and evidence-based approach of TalentLogiQs solutions.

We have integrated the Career Fitness Profiler in the individual career development programs. We find that the feedback based on the Career Fitness report puts our employees in an action modus, helping them to take initiatives in terms of the next steps in their careers.

Janssen and TalentLogiQs have developed the Career Discovery Trajectory together, containing an interactive workshop and a personalized report concerning self-management. The approach permits our employees, managers and HR collaborators to engage in a dialogue concerning contemporary careers, connecting people and raising awareness. The workshop makes self-management in the career very tangible and makes people take responsibility for their own careers. Over 1500 people have taken the workshop, from blue color employees to the researchers in our R&D departments.

The choice for evidence-based questionnaires has allowed us to set up impact measurements of the various programs within Talent Fit. With the help of TalentLogiQs, we are now able to report to management on the ROI of our Talent Fit solutions.

Contact us if you want to learn more about the Career Fitness Profiler, the Career Discovery Trajectory or Career Analytics.


About the author

Hilde Willems
Talent Fit Manager at Janssen Pharmaceutica Belgium

Hilde Willems is Talent Fit manager. She was part of the Talent Fit Center right from the start in 2013. Today she is part of a team of four, in charge of running Talent Fit in close collaboration with the business, unions and various external suppliers who, all together deliver the high-quality solutions people have come to expect from Talent Fit.