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On the same career wavelength at bpost right from the start

Case study
02 November 2020, by Morgane Meulemans
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Like for most organizations, attracting and recruiting  young potentials is a challenge for bpost. We are in the specific situation that our demographic chart has the shape of a mushroom rather than a pyramid. It is therefore even more crucial to, once recruited, keep youngsters on board to secure future leadership and expertise for the future. We do this by making sure we are on the same career wavelength, right from the start. The Career Fitness Profiler and the Career Discovery Trajectory support us with this.  

Our vision

At bpost, we feel a lot is to be gained from an integrated talent management approach. This means making sure we can come to a win-win between the aspirations of our employees and the needs of the organization. As such, a qualitative career dialogue is required and this fits the idea that careers have become a negotiation.
Careers are not to be exclusively managed by bpost, but rather facilitated. People need the wheel of their own careers and assume their part of the responsibility for a healthy, happy and productive career.  

To ensure our employees can assume career responsibility, bpost offers a wide range of services like training and development, coaching, mentorship, an interactive job platform, and so on. Also, we have integrated the TalentLogiQs tooling into our offering. We use the Career Fitness Profiler in our individual coaching, and the Career Discovery Trajectory for a group approach. 

The offering for young trainees

Trainees are offered a two year traineeship, consisting of three different projects, designed for them personally, to fit their interest and aspirations. After that, they take up a more permanent role. The trainees are supported in their development by different HR entities (Talent, Learning & Development, Talent Acquisitions, career management, mentors and career coaching). Just after their onboarding the trainees are coached for 2.5 years. In 2019, we’ve integrated the TalentLogiQs tooling in our approach for a pilot group of young trainees. 

For the young trainees, we feel we need to be at the same career wavelength right from the start. New recruits need to know the rules of the game when they enter at bpost. This means giving a clear answer to three questions, which are the backbone of the TalentLogiQs Career Discovery Trajectory: 

  1. How do we look at a career at bpost? What is a contemporary career and how does that fit with the trainee’s ideas about the topic? 
  1. What is my role as an employee (or as a manager, mentor,…)? What does it mean to take the wheel of my career? Here, the notion of career attitudes is introduced for the first time. 
  1. What is the career deal I can expect at bpost? If bpost does not manage my career, how is it facilitated? 

Both mentors and trainees take the Career Discovery workshop, fill out the questionnaire about career management attitudes and receive their personal report in the career discovery workshop. We feel the Career Discovery Trajectory sets the tone for the individual coachings and supports them for the rest of the traineeship in general. After the Career Discovery Trajectory, the framework of careers within bpost is made clear and expectations are aligned, securing that we truly are on the same career wavelength. 

After the Career Discovery, trainees are offered 6 coaching sessions over 2.5 years. The objectives of the coaching are defined by applying the Career Fitness Profiler. We feel this instrument is of invaluable help to get to the bottom of wat personal career success means to our trainees but also to define the development needs to be the master of their careers. The instrument truly shows people what it takes to not only know wat they want, but also to get what they want, and that shapes their approach to their own careers forever. 

What do we observe?

One year into te program these are our observations: 

  • A positive impact on retention: from the group of 10 trainees that started in 2019, 9 are still with us, which is a big improvement compared to the ‘class of 2018’, of which half of the group has left us. 
  • An improvement in self-management: the trainees show more initiative for internal networking and speaking out about their needs and aspirations concerning their careers. 
  • An improved career dialogue: the trainees are more capable of explaining to their mentors and managers what they aspire in formal meetings, mentors and trainees have a common vocabulary to talk about the topic of careers and the personal Career Fitness Profiler reports are voluntary shared by trainees with their managers and mentors. 
  • Mentors are supported in their role: by adopting the model of the career management attitudes in their approach we see mentors are more capable of supporting the young trainees in their development. 
  • The business is pleased with the results: the pilot will be expanded to all young trainees within bpost. 

To resume, when new employees enter bpost, we feel it is vital we make sure the topic of careers is introduced as quickly as possible. Keeping employees engaged is partly about giving them a career outlook and making sure they understand the rules of te game. At bpost, we strive to have the employees and organization are on the same career wavelength, right from the start. 

Contact us if you want to know more about how to put employees at the wheel of their careers through the use of the Career Fitness Profiler and Career Discovery Trajectory.


About the author

Morgane Meulemans
Morgane Meulemans
Head of Career Center – Coaching with bpost

Morgane heads a team of career coaches within bpost. Her team delivers individual coaching as well as group coaching for a number of target groups within bpost: like young trainees, members of the mobility pool and people on track for reintegration after long term absence. The career coaches strive to make people independent actors in their own careers.