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09 September 2021, by
Get a sneak peek at some of the products that are cooking at TalentLogiQs

Identify & develop potential – Introducing the Learning Agility Profiler

Boost personalized development with the Learning Agility Profiler

Realizing human potential is the ultimate goal of integrated talent management. It’s the most sustainable strategy to maximize development outcomes for the organization – which thrives thanks to high-performing workforce – and the employee – who thrives from being empowered in their area of strength.

Until about a decade ago, however, the only available measures for potential were cognitive factors that could hardly be developed. Then, based on the work of Lombardo, Eichinger, De Meuse and others, Learning Agility has been introduced as a complementary measure for potential.

By boosting learning from experience, Learning Agility is not only ideal for today’s hypercompetitive and VUCA context. It also enables targeted development interventions.

With the Learning Agility Profiler you won’t just be able to tell you in which areas employees need to grow, we’ll also bring personalized development within reach thanks to targeted intervention options mapped on each factor to be developed.


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