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Case Study: Janssen Pharmaceutical

Case study
23 September 2016, by Lesley Vanleke
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At Janssen we have a strong tradition in people oriented HR. In the tradition of our founder Dr Janssen, people and their creativity have been at the heart of our success.

Over the years, expectations of our employees have altered, following the increasing customer demands and need for flexibility and collaboration.

We have noticed that we way we think about careers at Janssen has changed over time. The traditional career model with its lifelong employment is slowly making way for a more dynamic and unpredictable outlook on the career. As a result, Janssen has started crafting a more contemporary  talent culture, with a strong focus on work capacity and well-being. At Janssen we are convinced that self-management in the career becomes vital for every employee in our company.

In 2013 we’ve created the Talent Fit Center, a cell within the HR department, which is dedicated to offering career coaching for individual employees, as well as developing career management skills. The Talent Fit Centre has introduced the concept of “Talent” as a valuable complement to the traditional competency frameworks. Also the Talent Fit Center is rethinking jobdesign and introducing jobcrafting.

TalentLogiQs® has been a valuable partner for the Talent Fit Center.

Based on the scientific insights concerning contemporary careers, TalentLogiQs® has conducted workshops which have permitted our employees, managers and HR collaborators to engage in a dialogue concerning contemporary careers, connecting people and raising awareness.

Furthermore, Janssen has integrated the TalentLogiQs® questionnaire in the individual career development programs. We find that the feedback based on the TalentLogiQs® report puts our employees in an action modus, helping them to take initiatives in terms of the next steps in their careers.

We are also thrilled to have won the Ascento Talent Mobility Award 2016.


About the author

Lesley Vanleke

Lesley Vanleke holds over 20 years of experience in HR. In 2014 she co-founded TalentLogiQS, where she searches to understand all different aspects of customers’ challenges and needs. She strives to be a sounding board and bring about connections that deliver added value for all parties concerned.