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Adding the science to Talent Review @Cegeka

Case study
21 September 2020, by Katrien Van de Vonder
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Cegeka is a European family-owned IT company. Our IT experts provide end-to-end IT solutions, services & consultancy.  We work in close cooperation with our customers. We help organizations create frictionless and highly personalized experiences for their customers, consumers and citizens. 

The IT market is not only driven by innovation but is also highly competitive. To ensure staying on top, we consider our 2500 employees as our most valuable asset. Continuously developing our employees and managing our talent pipeline is essential to secure the future of Cegeka. 

Part of our talent approach is to conduct Talent Reviews, in which the managers in the review committee position employees in a nine box grid, taking into account potential and performance. Thus, a risk assessment can be made. Based and this analysis, decisions concerning development, promotion etc. of our employees are taken and follow up towards individual employees can be ensured. 

Always looking to increase the added value of the process, we decided to apply the Talent Review Profiler in this process for a specific target group.  

The target group

Recently, and for the first time, we have recruited 15 young potentials with no formal IT education. Our aim is to develop these talents inhouse –  through intensive training, coaching and learning on the job – and redirect their careers towards IT roles. 

We have a specific interest in this group of employees. Are they on track in their development? Are they performing as expected? Are they integrating well within Cegeka? How are they living this experience? How much development potential do these employees have? What is their take on their future career? What are their aspirations and are they being met? Who might be contemplating leaving Cegeka?  

Talent Review Profiler

The Talent Review Profiler provides answers to these type of questions. The tool is evidence-based as it is backed up by the latest scientific research. Interactive dashboards show information concerning potential, risks and motivation of the employees. It provides us with four different types of nine box grids. Depending on the questions you have concerning individual talents, you can choose which nine box is most relevant. The tool also suggests concrete development actions to be taken towards every individual talent. The Talent Review Profiler enables the talent review committee to compare talents and take qualitative decisions

What we did:

  1. The managers in the review committee received a concise presentation by TalentLogiQs about the Talent Review Profiler and the process we were going to follow. 
  1. After being informed by their managers, employees filled out a number of evidence-based questionnaires. So did their managers. 
  1. Managers had a talent conversation with their employees and used a TalentLogiQs individual report to help structure the talent conversation. 
  1. Based on both the input in the Talent Review Profiler and that of the individual employees, the managers prepared the Talent Review meeting in the TalentLogiQs tool. They added their recommendations and suggestions concerning individual talents. 
  1. A Talent Review meeting was held, which was supported by the TalentLogiQs dashboards. Individuals were discussed and decisions were taken. 
  1. Mangers set out to draft the individual development plans with the employees and follow up on them. 

What we found:

We were happy with the added value we got from the Talent Review Profiler

  • Using this tool helps to structure the process and makes it more efficient.  
  • We experienced a lot of time savings. Usually, just the positioning on the grid is a time consuming process. The Talent Review Profiler did this for us, based on measured data, thus countering bias inherent in this type of process. 
  • The dashboards provided in the tool are clear, intuitive and interactive. 
  • The individual reports are clear and give in depth information. 
  • The results about individuals were highly recognizable and fitted our experience with these employees. 
  • We managed to get a more in depth view of the employees perspective on the career. Thus enabling us to get to a win-win in the talent conversations. 
  • The recommended actions are based on scientific research for the highest possible impact. 

To resume, Cegeka recommends the Talent Review Profiler as a tool that gives high added value to your talent review process. It makes the process evidence-based, helps save time, is focussed on development and supports our managers. 

If you want to learn more about the Talent Review Profiler, contact TalentLogiQs.


About the author

Katrien Van de Vonder
Katrien Van de Vonder
Operations Manager bij CEGEKA

Katrien, as operations manager of the Social Impact division within Cegeka Applications, is responsible for staffing and L&D. She fulfills this role as a ‘servant leader’ and, together with the team leads, determines the initiatives with regard to knowledge sharing and personal development.